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A disclaimer: Rankings are based on a combination of likability, gameplay, and how entertaining they were to watch on television.

Rankings are also only based on appearances in the house.

He was misogynist and racist, which aired on the live feeds and not on the show.

Aside from making racist comments, he also got bounced first his season. Season: 2Placed: Last (Expelled)So, Justin was nuts. Season: 4Placed: Last The twist for season 4 was "X-Factor," which meant several contestants were playing with their exes.

He repeatedly threatened to do bodily harm to houseguests and also held a knife to Krista's neck while making out with her. When Scott's ex Amanda walked in, he completely lost it and over the next few days had several histrionic moments in the house before he was finally removed by producers.

Unable to evict him right away, they sent Joe out the house second.

Season: 1Placed: Last Season one of Big Brother is a thing to behold.

Holly skipped out on the All-Stars season to avoid playing with Jase again. Never mind the fact that CBS keeps bringing them back like they're official mascots.

Michael sexually harassed other houseguests by giving them unwanted kisses and when April voiced her disgust to Eric, he spoke to Michael and told him to cut it out.It takes 16 days for the first houseguest to get evicted and everyone has serious discussions like the first season of The Real World, only much more boring.They talk about breast implants, the morality of exotic dancers, and of course, race.If someone was awful in the house but has proven themselves to be a splendid person in reality, it doesn't count.Also, if I could rank Julie "Chenbot" Chen, she'd be #1.The most interesting thing Adam did was get arrested for starting a drug ring with two other contestants from his season.

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