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This particular way would allow for that because you could ink your embossing folder with one color, then brayer over the top with a different color. Possible Option: Instead of brayering the ink onto the embossing folder, you could try to sponge the ink on and try to get it down into all of the grooves.

It does so by using objects or issues that are relevant to the majority in order to suggest matters that they should think about.

The media starts to filter content by simultaneously using multiple media networks (television, newspapers, radio and internet) to zero in on an issue.

In doing so, the public started to conceive truth not from what they saw, but from what journalism fed them.

Lippman argued that though journalists were efficiently disseminating information, the issues that they featured failed to give a comprehensive view on the real state of society.

It further implies that the amount of time that news organizations allot for an issue is directly proportional to the level of involvement that the audience will have towards the issue being featured.

Dissatisfied by the propositions of the early theories in the effects tradition (e.g.

The agenda setting function of the media was initially based on the tenets of journalism.

In the 1920’s, American journalist Walter Lippman criticized the inclination of journalists to generalize reality by patterning it on fixed, stereotyped concepts.

Sister companies of a corporation will team up to effectively set the agenda and create what Lippman calls a pseudo-environment.

This shall give the impression that the series of prefabricated circumstances is part of reality.

Hence, society’s feedback is invalidated because it is not appropriately directed to the issues that need attention., Shaw and Mc Combs studied the media’s influence in determining the political issues that the community considered to be newsworthy.

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