Dating of the new testament writings

External evidence can also be used to help date when a book was written.For example, the New Testament books were all written following the death and resurrection of Jesus.Of course, even serious scholars of Scripture often disagree on the dates of some biblical books.

dating of the new testament writings-72

This is done in several places and in differing versions.

The earliest version to survive in the Bible is Mark's Gospel.

The Gospels in written form are slightly later than the Epistles and Acts, but they contain oral texts from earlier times.

The first Christians, gathering for worship, repeat together their beliefs about the life, death and promises of Jesus Christ.

Yet in the Bible the early Jews and Christians provide an account of themselves which is unparalleled, among religious groups of those times, in its wealth of detail.

The holy book used by the early Christians is the Jewish Bible, known to Christians now as the Old Testament ('testament' meaning in this context a covenant between God and man).

But from the middle of the 1st century AD texts begin to be written which will later be gathered into a New Testament, representing the updated covenant revealed by Christ.

The earliest such texts are the letters (or Epistles) written between about 50 and 62 AD by St Paul to various early Christian communities.

He has accompanied Paul on some of his travels, including his last journey to Rome.

Much of Acts, therefore, is first-hand contemporary evidence of the events described.

Next in chronological sequence comes the Acts of the Apostles, a description of the missionary efforts of Peter and others in Jerusalem and of Paul on his journeys.

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