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If you have any questions, ask, but please be specific. it is rare, but you could be that one in a million.someone has to be the one in a million, right?as Gregory Loren Lazzarato) better known as Gigi Gorgeous, is a Canadian Internet and television personality, actress, and model.We reached over 15,000 across our channels with this campaign (with above average engagement rates on Twitter), raising awareness of what consent means, increasing the visibility of our YLC, and highlighting our work with, for, and by youth.

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We selected some of those messages and created a video to feature them, then we posted the video on Valentine’s Day and asked people explicitly to share it to show their support for survivors.

When we saw the success of the video post, we edited the text and morphed it into a boosted paid promotional post for our upcoming Walk for Change in April under our theme of #Show Upfor Survivors.

Ultimately, our post reached more than 47,000 people (more than 20,000 organically, meaning not paid), garnered more than 21,000 video views, and got more than 115 link clicks to our Walk for Change registration.

Another example: In the lead-up to February, Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, I met with our Youth Leadership Corps about running a social media campaign.

They wanted to focus on consent and created messages about what #Consent Is, an already existing hashtag.

Using their materials, I created a series of posts to share throughout February; see the full series, which we shared across all our channels, on Facebook.

In late 2016, we knew we wanted to do something special around the upcoming Valentine’s Day to help people show their support for the survivors in their lives.

We solicited messages of support from staff, volunteers, and our social media followers using a simple Google form.

Gigi is best known for fashion-related You Tube videos which have collected over 235 million views Gi Gi has appeared on television shows such as "Project Runway: All Stars" and "E!

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